Sunday, September 27, 2009

Last nights wedding was at the University of Alberta Faculty Club in Edmonton Alberta. It was another great success with a fun time had by all including me (the DJ The bride and groom had allot of friends there as well as family and they didn't avoid the dance floor in favor of visiting and talking to everyone. The food is also always great at the Faculty Club which is a bonus.

The only tough bit was that the couple opted to do the cake cutting about 20 minutes after the start of the dance. The cake was in another adjoining room so everyone left the dance area. It was a little tricky to sway them back over to the other side, but they eventually came around again and the party picked back up.

There were lots of great requests, most of which I managed to squeeze in. Everybody including the bride and groom were quite polite and nice even while managing to consume a healthy amount of drink. I took a few photos to post. I didn't use any flash because I wanted the pictures to be somewhat blurred to avoid anyone being too recognizable.

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