Saturday, October 23, 2010

Soundsations October update

Soundsations your Edmonton Disc Jockey has been busy in October with weddings and school dances.

I have been to the hanger in Fort Edmonton again and to the Edmonton Coast hotel in Sherwood Park for weddings. The Sherwood Park wedding was quite a crazy party. They really came to party and dance. It was lots of fun.

I've also done two school functions. There was a harvest dance at McLeod school and a Halloween dance at Mt. Pleasant school. These were also great successes. The kids had a blast at both events.

I've taken a break from bringing my camera to dances for a while, but I plan on getting some shots of upcoming Halloween and Christmas dance action.

Soon it will be time for Christmas parties. I've got to start psyching myself up for hearing lots of Christmas music again.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Soundsations wedding in Sherwood Park

It's a little late, but here are the photos from the last wedding I took pictures at. This one was out in Sherwood Park Alberta at the OLPH church. This one was a really fun dance. I've done a few other weddings and a fundraising event since this one which I didn't take photos at.

I've got two more weddings and a a few other events yet to do in October, so I'm keeping busy right up to the Christmas party season.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Trying to keep dry in Fort Saskatchewan

Last Friday took your Edmonton wedding DJ Soundsations to Fort Saskatchewan and I was back at the Royal Mayfair club for Saturday.

The Fort Saskatchewan wedding was in a tent in the couples back yard. The weather was awful (rain) but everyone had a blast under the tent (see the video above). Saturday of course was great too, but I forgot the camera so no video this time.

This weekend takes me to the hanger in Fort Edmonton park again. Stay tuned.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

More and more weddings

Well, your Edmonton DJ Soundsations has added another hand full of weddings to his resume since the last posting. Lets see... where have I been? The River Cree Marriott again, The Edmonton Golf and Country Club, and The Killam Community hall in Killam Alberta.

All the weddings were allot of fun of course. One highlight occurred during one of the ceremonies I was providing audio services for. During the middle of the vows one of the groomsmen just fainted to the ground without warning. He took out a whole whack of decorations along with him and managed to give himself a nasty cut on his eyebrow on the way down. This drew quite a gasp from the audience, needless to say. He was alright after some first aid attention and everything carried on as normal 10 minutes later. I guess he had been feeling sick all day. Anyways, the evenings dance was a big success. Sorry, no video of the fainting.

Here are a few video compilations from the action at a few of the latest wedding dances.
I have two more weddings to DJ this upcoming weekend.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Edmonton Wedding DJ Soundsations at the Royal Mayfair and the Palace

Here is a video from one of the weddings your Edmonton wedding DJ Soundsations performed at last weekend. On Friday I was at the Royal Mayfair golf club and Saturday I was at the Palace banquet facility.
My camera flash was low on batteries on Friday and I forgot the extra batteries so no photos from that night. Both parties were a great success though. There was probably more dancing at the Friday wedding, but Saturday went pretty well too.
One difficulty at the Palace was that they had me set up right in front of the big drop down projection screen. They did have a slide show presentation, so I had to try to set equipment up so that it didn't block everyone's view of the screen. That's actually impossible to do, so that is something to keep in mind when planning things. I think the banquet facility should know better but it's kind of out of my control.
Two more weddings coming up this Friday and Saturday so stay tuned.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Edmonton Wedding DJ Soundsations Wedding season heats up

I have a couple of videos here from recent Edmonton wedding DJ Soundsations recent events.
I have been busy every weekend with weddings. Most recently I have been to the Edmonton South Radisson hotel, the UofA Faculty club, The Derek Golf club, Caernarvon Community hall and the Calder Community hall.

Here is a view of some of the dancing action at a few of these weddings.

I'm getting many inquiries for 2011 weddings, so hopefully this means I'm
doing a good job and people are liking what they see. I hope you enjoy the videos.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Another great time at the River Cree Marriott

July 3rd brought your Edmonton wedding DJ Soundsations back to the River Cree Marriott. It was a classy affair with a great time had by all. As usual the food and service was fabulous and once the dance started the dance floor was kept busy all night. I really liked the balloon bride and groom that welcomed the guests at the entrance (theres a photo of them in the video below). That's a touch I've never seen before. Check out the video.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Edmonton Wedding DJ Soundsations June 26, 2010 St. Albert Inn

This past weekend brought your Edmonton wedding DJ Soundsations to the St. Albert Inn for yet another wedding dance.

This one was the party of the year so far without a doubt. Everyone was having such a good time that we went into overtime dancing until 2:00 am. I'll take some of the credit, but this was a great crowd that didn't need much prompting to get the party started. Everyone was very polite and friendly and most guests came to dance. There were lots of great requests made ranging from country 2 steps to old school rap and hip hop to polkas and I was happy to oblige.

As usual, I caught some of the action on camera and have made a short video compilation.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Graduations and wedding time

Your Edmonton wedding DJ Soundsations Music has been busy over the past few weekends having fun Dj'ing a huge graduation dance a small town high school reunion and a big wedding. The high school graduation had about 1500 guests so some extra sound reinforcement was brought in to really rock the joint. It was held at the cavernous Northlands Agricom. Needless to say lots of top 40 dance music was on the menu that night and the dance floor was given a real workout.

The next day I was off to the small town of Sedgewick Alberta about 2 hours southeast of Edmonton for a 10 year high school reunion. There was only about 50 guests at the small hall but we still managed to party like it was 1999 (actually it was the class of 2000, so pretty close).

This past weekend I did a big wedding at Fort Edmonton Park in the hanger. This is another huge venue. The hanger doors were open until about 11:00 pm so guests could hang around on the patio outside too. To accommodate this extra speakers were brought in to provide music inside and outside. This dance took awhile to heat up, but from about 11:00 till 2 in the morning we really rocked out. With all the extra stuff to pack up I didn't get home till after 4 am.

I am posting a video compilation of some of the action from the past few weeks for anyone that's curious.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Edmonton DJ Wedding Season is heating up

Hello again.

It's that time of year again when your Edmonton wedding DJ Soundsations music starts getting out to a wedding just about every weekend. This past Saturday took us out to Hazeldean Community Hall. This party was a blast and really easy to DJ. not too much encouragement was required to keep the dance floor full all night.

Everyone was super friendly and lots of compliments on the music were received throughout the evening. Here is a short video compilation of some of the dancing action.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Edmonton Wedding DJ Soundsations Apr. 30 & May 1

Edmonton Wedding DJ Soundsations was busy this past weekend performing at a pair of weddings. On Friday night it was the good old Blueberry hall just west of Edmonton. There was abaout 150 guests and soundsations was there to provide cocktail and dinner music before the first dance got underway around 9:00 pm. We were able to keep the dance floor pretty busy all evening, fitting in lots of standards as well as some more unusual requests.

Saturday brought us out to Cardiff Alberta for some more wedding action. The crowd was about the same size as the previous night, but this group really came to dance. Not much encouragement was needed from the DJ and lots of great requests were made and played. Everything looked great with the hall decorations and Soundsations light show.

See the video of some of the dancing action above.

Next Saturday Soundsations will be in St. Albert, Alberta for another wedding. I will report back soon.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

On February 13 Edmonton Wedding DJ Soundsations performed in Killam Alberta. It turned out to be an awesome audience. They really seemed to enjoy the music and kept the large dance floor packed from start to finish. The party didn't fade out as they sometimes do. The crowd stayed 'till closing time at 2 AM and the dance floor got busier as the evening went on. You can see from the posted video that a good time was had by all.

Killam is almost a 2 hour drive from Edmonton so after packing up everything, I didn't get back home 'till about 5 AM. I was pretty tired the rest of the weekend but it was such a fun show it was worth it.

I hope to be back to DJ in Killam again soon. Until next time...


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Soundsations Edmonton DJ at Marriott River Cree

In my last post I mentioned that Soundsations (My Edmonton DJ Company) would be entertaining at the Marriottt River Cree in Edmonton for their staff party on January 10th. I am happy to report that the event was a huge success. The staff from the Fairmont Hotel Macdonald provided their services for the evening in exchange for the Marriott staff having served at their function earlier in the year. It therefore goes without saying that the food and service was first class.

Once the formalities were done with and that dance started at around ten o'clock, it only took about 30 seconds for the dance floor to get packed and it stayed that way right through to the last song. It was really a dream gig in terms of the crowds response to the music. There were so many requests, I couldn't possibly play them all in one evening but almost every song played was a request and they loved it. It really looked and sounded great with the lighting effects and the sound system pumping pretty loud and clear. I have attached a video made from some of the photos I snapped that night.

It looks quieter now in terms of the number of functions coming up (until wedding season kicks in), but I'm sure a few jobs will pop up.

'till next time ...

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Edmonton DJ does Boxing Day Wedding and New Years Eve in Nisku

Happy New Year. I am now recovering from the two events I managed to squeeze in between my last post and the end of the year. My Edmonton DJ company Soundsations performed a Boxing Day wedding at the Hotel Macdonald and a New Years Eve party at the Nisku Inn.

The wedding was a great success despite a late start to the first dance. Dinner can take a while at the Hotel Macdonald (it's worth it though) so late starts there are normal. The dance floor was kept busy after the dance finally started. I have posted some photos from the event.

The New Years Eve party was also a great time although it was a lower than expected turnout probably due to minus 30 Celsius temperatures outside.

I am looking forward to 2010 being as busy as last year with my first event scheduled for January 10th at the River Cree Resort (their staff party). Should be lots of fun.