Thursday, September 16, 2010

Trying to keep dry in Fort Saskatchewan

Last Friday took your Edmonton wedding DJ Soundsations to Fort Saskatchewan and I was back at the Royal Mayfair club for Saturday.

The Fort Saskatchewan wedding was in a tent in the couples back yard. The weather was awful (rain) but everyone had a blast under the tent (see the video above). Saturday of course was great too, but I forgot the camera so no video this time.

This weekend takes me to the hanger in Fort Edmonton park again. Stay tuned.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

More and more weddings

Well, your Edmonton DJ Soundsations has added another hand full of weddings to his resume since the last posting. Lets see... where have I been? The River Cree Marriott again, The Edmonton Golf and Country Club, and The Killam Community hall in Killam Alberta.

All the weddings were allot of fun of course. One highlight occurred during one of the ceremonies I was providing audio services for. During the middle of the vows one of the groomsmen just fainted to the ground without warning. He took out a whole whack of decorations along with him and managed to give himself a nasty cut on his eyebrow on the way down. This drew quite a gasp from the audience, needless to say. He was alright after some first aid attention and everything carried on as normal 10 minutes later. I guess he had been feeling sick all day. Anyways, the evenings dance was a big success. Sorry, no video of the fainting.

Here are a few video compilations from the action at a few of the latest wedding dances.
I have two more weddings to DJ this upcoming weekend.