Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Edmonton Wedding DJ Soundsations Apr. 30 & May 1

Edmonton Wedding DJ Soundsations was busy this past weekend performing at a pair of weddings. On Friday night it was the good old Blueberry hall just west of Edmonton. There was abaout 150 guests and soundsations was there to provide cocktail and dinner music before the first dance got underway around 9:00 pm. We were able to keep the dance floor pretty busy all evening, fitting in lots of standards as well as some more unusual requests.

Saturday brought us out to Cardiff Alberta for some more wedding action. The crowd was about the same size as the previous night, but this group really came to dance. Not much encouragement was needed from the DJ and lots of great requests were made and played. Everything looked great with the hall decorations and Soundsations light show.

See the video of some of the dancing action above.

Next Saturday Soundsations will be in St. Albert, Alberta for another wedding. I will report back soon.

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